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View of the monument from the beach

Restoration Progress

Building Work Progress (22.09.2005)


The contractor Nimbus Conservation has completed all the works to the column, drum, caryatids and Britannia and the scaffolding has now been removed. 


The majority of the stone repairs and replacements on the pedestal have been completed; apart from a small number around the base, these are currently being carried out. The inscriptions in the east and west niches have been restored and the inscription on new stone in the east niche has been cut to match in with the rest of the inscription (as seen recently on Look East). restoration to pedestal inscription


Contractors continue work around the base of the column Currently the contractors are working on the plinth; undertaking the structural repairs on the north staircase, numerous stone repairs, laying the new paving on top of the plinth and fixing the new cornice blocks around the edge to replace seriously damaged originals and replacement concrete ones.


Internally the repairs have been completed on the stairs stonework and all the interior brickwork; and the new hand rail has been installed up the full height of the staircase. The electricians will shortly be installing the new internal lighting. New grilles have been fitted into the windows and bird netting has been installed around the caryatids; this should prevent pigeons from using the monument as a roosting site. Internal view showing staircase restoration


Perimiter wall being completed with new ironwork railings The new perimeter wall and piers have been constructed and the new cast iron railings based on photographs of the original rails are currently being installed. The internal landscaping including a new perimeter path around the edge of the site is now being laid. 



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